It has been a challenging few months during the lockdown restrictions for us as a running group; going from 3 ability groups runs in September, smaller groups of 6 runners for the Rule Of 6 restrictions in November, to the current Paired Running Buddies since January. But we have still managed to get out running whilst abiding by the Government’s Covid19 restrictions/guidelines as they have been revised.

The September & November lockdowns saw lots of smaller groups running during the 3 days we set up as our regular weekly runs. We also introduced new ‘Targets/Challenges’ to keep each other motivated, but due to the January lockdown restrictions, we had to revise our Covid Action Plan again to keep everyone safe. This was the start of our ‘Daily Challenges’ and are presently entering the 8th week of the group offering daily runs.

Over this time period we have had so many achievements as individuals and as a whole group in total. These have varied from individual Run Streaks of up to 53 days of consecutive running so far, running distances of 32km/50km/80km/ 100km /150km/180km /200km+ targets for the month of January, to new & increased February Distance Targets for #FebruaryMentalHealth. Similarly, we have had Individual longest run distances of 6km, 8km, 10km, 11km, 12km on a regular basis. 

There are so many different individual achievements during 2021 and this current Lockdown. Many of our runners regularly run for periods of 30mins, 60mins or 90mins non-stop and have participated in Charity Virtual Run events to keep motivated – Santa Dash 2020, RED January, Run 50 Miles In February & Where’s Wally In March to name just a few.

We continue to cater for those returning back to running with us after a period of absence; be it due to injury, lost motivation, sickness or having had to Self-Isolate or Shield because of Covid19. This is achieved by following the group’s Covid Action Plan guidance for those runners that are re-joining us or simply seeking continued advice & support from a distance.

Looking to the future and following the recently released Government’s New Road Map, we plan to increase the size of our ability groups – as & when permitted; reintroduce group monthly challenges & distances, and are looking to set up another one of our very successful Couch to 5K courses very soon. We will continue to develop our new runners and welcome new members to join us.


If you would like to join the Heath Running group or for more information please request to join their Facebook group Heath Running Group.

A special thank you to Mike for providing the support and inspiration to help so many people continue their exercise through lockdown. Mike gives up his time to help the group for free and without his commitment the running group wouldn’t be what it is today. We wish you Mike and the Heath Running Group all the best of luck and we look forward to seeing larger groups return when the lockdown rules are lifted.

Mark McGrath
Heath Gym Manager