JOB VACANCY: Research Chemist

Join a chemical technology innovator, and an international team with various backgrounds in a
culturally diverse environment. All employees have a voice and opportunities to develop their careers.

What are your expectations?

As part of a recent company expansion, we are currently hiring chemists at all levels to join our new
production and methodology department in the UK.

Location: Office and labs based in Runcorn, Liverpool, UK
Contract: Permanent, full-time
Compensation: Competitive
Start Date: ASAP
Level: Associate to Senior positions to be filled

Job description:

You will be working closely with our analytical and purification team to help deliver our products to project deadlines. Our customers predominantly work in the hit-ID and lead expansion stages of drug discovery so the roles also offer opportunities to expand your knowledge of medicinal chemistry.

Job responsibilities:

• Organic synthesis by following established in-house techniques and procedures e.g. asymmetric hydrogenation, photochemistry etc…
• Develop new routes to enhance LCC’s catalogue using processes amenable to scale-up.
• Present results to the team and also prepare reports for customers, when required.
• Collaborate with analytical / purification team to produce chirally pure products and determine absolute stereochemistry.


• BSc / MSc in organic/medicinal chemistry or MSc/PhD, depending on application level.
• Experience and enthusiasm for organic synthesis and the ability to plan new routes .
• Excellent organisational and communication skills.
• Good time management and interpersonal skills.
• Soft skills: A positive attitude and the willingness to adapt/learn.

About LCC:

We are a diverse and international chemical technology innovator, on a mission to accelerate discoveries through the provision of novel scaffolds and building blocks.
LCC has designed and synthesized a library of novel, diverse, 3D-rich building blocks, which are used to support an international customer base. Our scaffolds can be applied to technologies across our four main product pillars: DEL, FBLD, Linkers (for PROTACs etc.), and virtual screening with our 3Discovery™ Virtual Library.
Through an ethos of purposeful curiosity, LCC’s goal is to help the development of high-quality drugs, in order to bring new drugs to market, faster, better, and easier.

To apply for this position, please send us your CV together with a cover letter to

Liverpool ChiroChem Ltd.
Department of Chemistry, University of Liverpool
Crown Street, Liverpool, L69 7ZD, United Kingdom
Tel.: + 44 (0) 151 794 2936