Heath Energy Breakfast Invitation

As we are all aware global energy costs have been rising for some time as demand soars and businesses return to work post the pandemic.

Unfortunately the invasion of Ukraine has pushed prices still higher and, ultimately, it is the consumer who ends up paying the price.

It is fair to say we all are feeling the struggles with energy prices, both at home and in work so let’s see how we can all help each other.

Every month we will be holding an energy breakfast club in Heath Café and I invite one person from each resident business to bring an idea to the table.

A free drink and free breakfast is offered in exchange for your ideas!

We are looking for ideas on how we can reduce energy consumption at The Heath – perhaps an idea from another site that has worked well, or something you have implemented within your office or lab that could be implemented across the site.

We are also looking for ideas to take home that will assist us in saving costs throughout this current crisis.

Our first event will be held in Heath Café at 9.30 am Friday 05th August. Please confirm your attendance using the contact details below.

We look forward to seeing you and hearing your ideas.

Book your place at the thinking table:

E: anthony.stonebanks@sog.ltd.uk

Anthony Stonebanks, Catering & Events Manager, SOG Ltd