Medica (UK)

Medica are the UK’s leading telehealth provider offering radiology, diagnostics and pathology reporting services to more than 100 NHS and independent hospitals, reporting on over 2 million examinations annually.

Once a small business, which launched from premises above a flower shop in 2004, it has now flourished into a global player in the telehealth industry with 750 reporters around the world including an employee base of over 200 in the UK.

The business is committed to excellent patient care and delivering shorter wait times for radiology and pathology results. Medica’s telehealth services provide a range of benefits such as faster access to reports from subspecialty experts, plus more efficient workflows that help make healthcare providers’ lives easier. 

They have recently introduced a new pathologist-led, fully digital histopathology service called MedPath which offers routine and specialist reporting and scanning. MedPath is operated from a Hub located at The Heath Business and Technical Park.

One of the key benefits of the new service is its ability to support hospital departments with growing backlogs in pathology, offering glass slide digitisation via high quality scanning as well as reporting. At a time when hospital departments are facing workforce shortages and backlogs are building, MedPath has adopted the latest technology to ensure that every patient’s diagnosis is efficiently managed, translating to rapid treatment decisions and improved outcomes.

MedPath was officially launched in November 2023 when Medica moved into a specialist Hub created at The Heath.

Rachael Nicholson Pathology Hub Manager says: “The Heath provides a configurable laboratory environment and is in a great central location with easy access to motorways and  transport options which is so important to our business.  The Heath’s technical staff were extremely helpful in the planning process, helping to design our new laboratory to our exact specifications and getting the high-speed dedicated internet lines that we required. They adapted the lab and even installed a wider doorway, so we were able to get all our large equipment in.”   

October 30th, 2023