Entropix is a young biotech company that specialises in the development of enzymes which are used in numerous industries from food to pharmaceuticals and diagnostics to detergents.

As a specialised biotech company, Entropix has a range of sophisticated technical equipment including complex analytical instruments, DNA sequencing, PCR measurements and fermentation facilities.

Entropix moved its operation to The Heath Business and Technical Park because The Heath is one of the few places in the UK, outside of universities, that has specialist laboratory facilities suitable for cutting-edge scientific research and development.

Co-founder Dr Rob Rule says The Heath is ideally placed to support start-up and expanding businesses in the science sector. “There are lots of fancy new high-tech buildings on business parks around the country but outside of universities there aren’t too many lab spaces which have the kind of specialist facilities a biotech business such as ours needs. Of course, you can create a bespoke lab but for businesses like ours starting a lab from scratch is immensely expensive. Finding a place like The Heath with the infrastructure and technical support network already in place is massively helpful.”

Dr Rule adds: “We worked closely with the team at The Heath to design an optimum layout for our new lab facility.  This involved the installation of lab benches, fume extraction as well as the usual water and electrical supplies.  We also installed a modern office space adjacent to the lab which created a great working environment for the whole team.

“The team at The Heath could not have been more helpful and they showed great expertise in the design of lab layouts and services as well as great flexibility in providing a cost-effective solution for a young company like Entropix.

“Since we moved in, we’ve had fantastic support from the engineering team, ensuring that we had everything we needed.  We’ve also had the benefit of health & safety advice as well as professional reception facilities for visitors. Some of our younger team members have already started using the onsite gym and I may join them at some stage!”

October 12, 2023