Kimberly Tomlinson (MBACP)

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor | Director

T: 07711 276661


Hi, I am Kimberly

Welcome, I know the idea of opening up can be daunting especially because you are sharing personal and intimate details with someone you consider a stranger. It’s important to focus on your reasons for coming here and it’s my job to build your trust so you feel comfortable sharing your life with me because our therapeutic relationship is just as important as the contents of our sessions.



Anxiety, even though common can affect everyone in different ways. That building feeling of unease can make you feel like a ticking time bomb. Let me help you take back control.


Depression is difficult because after a while it feels familiar and somewhat comfortable. It feels heavy and suffocating and it’s hard to muster up the strength to move.  Let me carry some of the weight.


Trauma can be like opening Pandora’s box. A lot of things are stored and you don’t know what’s going to come up. The unconscious is strong but you are stronger. Let me help you sort through it.